Dogs just wanna have fun !!
Dogs just wanna have fun !!

Mrs. Miriam Finn

Despite being bitten by the occasional dog as a child as I could not resist the temptation to not touch every dog I met, I have grown to love dogs more and more. When I left school, I went to Art College and studied Graphic Design. I wanted to be a Vet but I didn't have the higher level Mathematics or Physics as our school didnt have a teacher to teach it and lack of family funds or college grants all had a big impact on my career choices as a teenager. I had to make a different career choice. I eventually set up my own Graphic Design company which ran for 10 years. I soon became restless in my work and needed a change in direction. The only other thing in my life that was of interest to me were my pet Beagles, Smith and Wesson, and a book by the renowned Animal Behavourist, John Fisher RIP. This inspired me to take on a rescue jack russell, work in dog rescue and finally follow my first love of animals to the UK and study Animal Behaviour at Southampton University in 2001.


Since then, I have attented many different dog courses. I have studied under John Rogerson, an international dog trainer, at the International Animal Behaviour Training College (IABTC) and Jo Rosie Haffenden and Nando Brown. My own dog, Buster, a 3rd hand dog from Gumtree, came to my husband and I with behavioural issues. I have worked with him to resolve his problems and, in turn, he has taught me so much. I believe I have an excellent grasp of dog behaviour and motivations and can handle and provide for any dog in my care.


I have worked in Dog Rescue and Boarding Kennels, volunteered in Animal Scantuaries and Zoos in Ireland, the UK, South Africa, Spain and Thailand and cared for other animal species apart from dogs including pigs, sheep, monkeys, donkeys, mice, rats, rabbits and chickens. I have no fear in handling any animal but I have to say, I have a very healthy respect for the smaller species who like to bite first and run away !!


I am Canine First Aid trained and have excellent knowledge of Infection Control in both the care of animals and people. I can administer medicines in pill or injection form. I can feed dry, raw or live diets and I am not squeamish in any way. I can do a nail clip, and ear clean and will do anal glands (arrgh !!)


Any work I do or have done in the past with dogs and animals has always been the most satisfying way to spend my time and the only job in the world (for me) for which it is worth getting up early.

Did you know...

A Kennel Cough Vaccination would be a good addition to your dog's heath regieme as it is prevelant in the UK. It is not essential for my group walks but is advisable particulary if your dog is a youngster or over 8 years.

I accept entire male dogs and  bitches in season on group walks (subject to assessment)

My poo bags are biodegradeable.

All dogs, by law, should wear a collar and a tag bearing the name and address of its owner.


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