Dogs just wanna have fun !!
Dogs just wanna have fun !!

The very best for you & your new dog

If you have had dogs before, this page may not be for you. Been there and got the T-shirt ?! This may well be true. However, you could be deciding to choose a new breed or a rescue or this could be your first puppy.




My Story

I was hesitant about taking on my dog Buster. I really wanted a puppy after my last dog passed away. We had chickens at the time and 2 had been killed by a fox. My husband felt a dog would keep the fox away but I was considering an electric fence. I was not sure that I was ready for us to get a dog together. I was finding life hard without a dog. Was this a good reason for getting a dog ?

My husband did some searching and I went to visit a rescue centre. Eventually, we came upon Buster. We visited him on a Saturday. We played with him, walked him and I did a little training with him. If he had not picked up the "leave" command so well, I might not have considered him but he showed a high training ability. I made sure we slept on the decision overnight aswell.

Buster also had some behaviour issues and I had to decide if I was perpared to work with him. If I am honest, I didn't want a "broken" dog this time around. I had a plan in my head about how things with my next dog would be and this wasn't exactly it. We were very lucky in that the couple re-homng him were very honest in their account of Buster's previous owners and their own experiences with him. With this information and along with my own knowledge of dog behaviour,  I was able to make an informed decision. By Monday, he was home with us.....and has become a most wonderful companion, despite his behavioural issues that can now be managed.


I can come along with you when you go to see a prospective pet to give you an overall opinion.  I can bring another dog whose temperament and behaviour is known to me to establish the sociability of the other dog. If you consider that buying a dog can be a huge financial commitment, it is a small price to pay for a trained eye, a second opinion, and an objective viewpoint. 

I can advise you on how to proceed. I can be as interactive as you require. This service can provide you with: 

  • Health check inc. contacting relevant vet
  • Asking about the dog's history
  • Assessing the Birth Home
  • Checking temperament
  • Assessing general behaviour

The cost for this service is £20

Did you know...

A Kennel Cough Vaccination would be a good addition to your dog's heath regieme as it is prevelant in the UK. It is not essential for my group walks but is advisable particulary if your dog is a youngster or over 8 years.

I accept entire male dogs and  bitches in season on group walks (subject to assessment)

My poo bags are biodegradeable.

All dogs, by law, should wear a collar and a tag bearing the name and address of its owner.


To Be Sure Your Dog  Has Great Craic

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