Dogs just wanna have fun !!
Dogs just wanna have fun !!

Adult Dog Training & Troubleshooting

I have a no-nonsense, hands-on approach to training that will not blind you with science and big words but will explain everything in terms that are easy to understand. I only use positive, reward-based methods and you should not need to purchase new gear or expensive training equipment. Whether you need early basic training or need help reinforcing the commands your think your dog should know but now appears to not, I can help. Maybe, you have more worrying behaviour such as food aggression or barking/lunging at other dogs. I will do a thorough assessment of your dog's behaviour, lifestyle, temperament, personality and the relationships that exist between your dog and all family members. From this, I can produce a tailored plan that takes your ability and your dog's into consideration and help you both to move forward from any problems with a positive outlook.

I can deal with issues such as :


Most problems are not as bad as they first seem. Behaviour can be managed in many ways. What is important is that your needs and those of your dog are met with patience and timing and the therapeutic use of play.

COST OF TRAINING: My first consultation/lesson takes around 2-3 hours and costs £70*. You may find that this session will give you the tools to immediately take charge and make changes that will help your dog. It should help you to gain back confidence and control around your dog without the need for stress and anxiety. I am happy to work out a training schedule should you feel you need more time and help. Further sessions are charged at £40 per hour.

It is not always possible to fix a training problem in one session. Your dog's behaviour or lack thereof is most likely a product of a more complex situation. In most cases, I need to get my clients to go back to some basics before we can start to work on a particular problem. I would be putting both you and your dog at a distinct disadvantage if I chose to approach each situation with a "one size fits all" policy. My goal is to empower you when it comes to managing your dog's behaviour and usually, that just takes time.

Please feel free to call me for a chat if you are unsure how to move forward with your training.

*if you have a multi-dog household, please contact me for a quotation

Training Walks (1 hour of one to one)

What is a Training Walk ? This is just me and your dog getting to grips with the problem in hand. A Training walk is an ideal way for me to help you work on and iron out the bugs in any area of your dog training that is not quite going to your plan, such as, pulling on the lead, scatty recall, boisterous play with other dogs or nervousness with other dogs. You may not realise it but there are many elements to your dog's daily walk. The process starts from the minute your dog becomes aware that walkies is on the menu and unwanted behaviour can kick in at any point.

Timing, patience, and play are the keys to accelerated learning in any dog, young or old. For this reason, it is a disadvantage to attempt to train a dog on a group walk. Group walks are far too distracting for both dog and handler. Your dog is likely to end up learning the wrong thing.

You can really want to give your dog the best chance to learn, get some exercise and play at the same time, this could be the best choice for you to get started into training. Just one session can switch on your dog 's training button and then you can take over.

I would discuss with you what you want your dog to learn, assess what your dog already knows and then create a planned hour to fulfill both your need and those of your dog. From my experience, it normally takes up to 4 hours on contact time to start to make a difference to your dog's behaviour. Your financial and time commitments to this type of training are relatively small and although this is no guarantee, it would be very worthwhile if you are struggling with your training. It would also help your relationship with your dog as it can be so easy for both dog and owner to become frustrated with training. Save on both of your sanities and let me take the lead.

A Training Walk consists of a mix of training and exercise/play. I will mix it up to get the best from the hour as most dogs have an attention span of about 10 minutes before the mind wanders to thoughts of chasing next doors' cat or investigating a random spot on the living room floor !!

 Cost £20

Puppy Training

Training a new puppy can be a full time job. The adorable little scamps get into everything !  They have a lot to learn about living in a human family and a whole new language to learn. You may worry that you are not doing the right thing and you may be confused by a lot of the information available. You worry that you will squash the dogs spirit or that it will not think you are fun to be with. You do not need to dominate your puppy but it does need to learn the household rules and that someone is in charge. As a dog owner, you have to learn to be in charge by being firm but fair and by being sympathetic to breed traits, both good and bad, and the needs of your puppy.

I can help you navigate your way through all this in hourly sessions at £40 per hour. Alternately, I give your an overall introduction on how you can go about things and you can then proceed at your own pace. Maybe later on, your might find the need for a more formal hour of training with me especially if you have hit a rough patch. Please read on.....


This is a 2-3 hour session covering the many areas that you will need to help you and your puppy communicate and start to develop a loving and life long relationship. Topics can include:

  • House Training
  • To crate or not to crate ? - use & misuse
  • Handling
  • Socialising - what it really means
  • Commands - the use and choice of command words
  • Teaching an emotional connection with your dog
  • Dealing with frustration (not getting what they want)
  • Value of your touch and voice
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Toys - use & misuse, breed specific toys and the reward value of toys
  • Suitable games for your puppy to play
  • Suitable games for your children to play with your puppy
  • First Walkies & Early lead walking
  • Feeding - techniques, dos & donts
  • Equipment choice - leads & collars
  • Training your puppy to recognise its name
  • Training your puppy to listen to you
  • Training your puppy to share
  • Meeting & Greeting new dogs
  • The Law & your puppy
  • Basic Obedience and Good Manners

It looks like a lot to cover. Maybe your have not thought about some of these subjects. They are all important and tackled early, will give you the tools you need to work in harmony with your puppy. 

Should you find you would prefer a session covering only a few of these, please get in touch, and I can create a lesson plan based on hourly session. 


Apart from the fantastic feeling of small, warm puppy in your arms is the empty feeling when you put your hand in your pocket. Puppies, like new babies, can be expensive. Sometimes your are not sure what you should buy. So rather than say "no" to an essential item that is going to be useful to you just while you train your puppy, I have a selection of 2nd hand crates, baby gates and puppy pens that can be hired in conjuction with any training session or Puppy Prep Package.

The hire is nominal as would rather my clients had access to a piece of equipment that will make life easier for both you and your puppy than do without. You can then decide if the piece of equipment will have a long term use and set out to source and purchase what you need at a later date.

There is a security deposit required for each item hired. Please contact me for details.

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