Dogs just wanna have fun !!
Dogs just wanna have fun !!

Pet Insurance - A necessity or not ?

At To Be Sure Pet Services, I do ask that all the pets in my care are covered by insurance. Public liability is very important, more so theses days, as the guidelines on what amounts to your dog being "out of control" are more definined and new laws that now cover dog attacks on private property are coming online.

But what about, vet bills ? Do you feel your vet is more inclined to offer expensive treatments ? Are they actually necessary ? Are alternative treatments such as hyrotherapy expensive, simply because the insurance market makes them so ?

Often we are put on the spot when it comes to making decsions on our pets care. It is a lot to consider but something we don't dare to do as we are afraid of causing suffering to our pets. 

I will post articles in this section which I hope may help pet owners and get us thinking about what we deserve as a consumer of insurance schemes and how these "products" should be monitored.


The following link is a BBC Radio interview about the insurance and also a cautionary note on what not to let your dog play with.



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