Dogs just wanna have fun !!
Dogs just wanna have fun !!

Why use a Dog Walking Service ?

A Dog Walking Service allows you to have flexibility and peace of mind without compromising your lifestyle and that of your pet. Dog Walking is a handling service that fulfills a greater need either short or long term. In your dog's eyes, you will still be No. 1 as it is you who provide for all their needs.

Also, there are some individuals (call me crazy ) but they don't mind getting wet, covered with mud and a bit stinky nearly every day of the year, in the pursuit of one of the best jobs in the world !!

Reasons for hiring a dog walker include :

  • It is a good way to continue to socialise your dog
  • You think your dog would benefit from a longer walk
  • Your dog prefers off-lead exercise
  • You think your dog enjoys the company of other dogs
  • Your dog needs more exercise than you bargained for
  • Your dog needs more exercise due to behavioural issues
  • Your dog needs more exercise (duracell bunny syndrome)
  • You want to take on a rescue dog and need outside support
  • Change in work hours
  • Change in a personal situation
  • Illness, short or long term
  • The onset of physical problems
  • Simply need a break
  • Want to have a family outing midweek

          Whatever the reason, To Be Sure is here to provide the service that you need.


Did you know...

A Kennel Cough Vaccination would be a good addition to your dog's heath regieme as it is prevelant in the UK. It is not essential for my group walks but is advisable particulary if your dog is a youngster or over 8 years.

I accept entire male dogs and  bitches in season on group walks (subject to assessment)

My poo bags are biodegradeable.

All dogs, by law, should wear a collar and a tag bearing the name and address of its owner.


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